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Securities Reconciliations

TLM OnDemand’s securities reconciliation delivers the rapid identification of position breaks and status monitoring of securities traded against pending transactions, problem notifications and confirmations of delivery and receipt.

It monitors positions for all securities across all accounts to ensure that internal and external balances flow, reconciling accounts on a daily basis and identified unreported trading. Positions are efficiently reconciled through the seamless support of all security coding conventions.

With TLM OnDemand a user can see position changes as a trade completes and its related payments on a single screen. A user can then view and forecast where exposures lie should a payment fail and a stock position fall back, requiring a stock repurchase and the associated cost of that repurchase.

Integrated exception management monitors the validity of balances for the number of shares, price and overall valuation of the position. This ensures that position dates correspond, alerts users to any missing trades and chases them until the exception has been resolved.

In-built reporting can be delivered at a scheduled time (determined by the firm) and at any subsequent point for distribution to individuals, groups or a data warehouse.

Combining Cash and Securities Reconciliations
TLM OnDemand can combine cash and securities into a single reconciliation, replacing the traditional approach of reconcilers managing one specific transaction type. All transaction data is delivered through the service’s WebConnect interface, enabling reconcilers to view position changes and payment flows on a single screen. Should an exception occur, it is raised as a single exception, rather than two, eliminating unnecessary manual effort to further reduce errors, risk and exposure.