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Corporate Actions Event Management

TLM Corporate Actions Event Management On Demand offers the market-leading event management functionality of SmartStream’s TLM Corporate Actions solution through a secure, resilient and cost-effective service.

Using an innovative diary management approach to control milestones and key tasks associated with all events, TLM Corporate Actions Event Management OnDemand delivers unparalleled risk management, visibility and control to the modern event processing environment. By automating a manually intensive process, TLM OnDemand can greatly reduce the risk inherent in managing corporate actions.

The service is pre-populated with event notifications from data sources of choice, or SmartStream’s Data Management Services, delivering a single online database of all corporate events that affect client portfolios. This can significantly reduce exposure to losses or missed events prevalent in the manual processing environment.

With TLM OnDemand, organisations gain a lower total cost of ownership for automated event management, while at the same time improving risk control and client service.

As a result, TLM OnDemand significantly reduces the risk of missing critical event deadlines, providing qualification of custodian event notices and providing event broadcast capabilities to internal systems and clients.