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Cash Reconciliations

TLM OnDemand’s cash reconciliations service delivers the highest auto-match rates to ensure your transactions settle and your balances reflect your true position. Risk is reduced, opportunity costs are maximised and reconcilers become more effective.

TLM OnDemand automates the reconciliation of cash currency balances and cash transactions, maintaining account balances by continually monitoring and validating cash movements in real-time.

By monitoring individual transactions and comparing data from the general ledger (G/L) to counterparty data, firms can ensure the correct amount is paid on the right date and on time. Where balances are missing or payments are overdue, TLM OnDemand calculates the opportunity cost that can be used as an interest claim.

Its intraday capabilities means firms can project the ledger items expected to be settled during the day and then monitor the flow of monies coming into the account. This enables more effective use of cash balances with positions closely monitored along with closing and value adjusted balances.

Integrated Exception Management
TLM OnDemand’s integration exception management identifies errors in the transaction data and missing balances for accounts, whilst also monitoring the timely resolution of exception items. This will chase the user via email alerts until they have completed the task to ensure risk exposures from missed/late payments are reduced.

This integrated approach allows users to view their cash balances, different currency balances, liabilities from overdue payments and exposure to debt from failed payments in real-time.

As a result, the reconciler no longer has to focus on every transaction, but will see the exceptions. This evolves their role from purely matching transactions to a value added account management service.

TLM OnDemand’s dashboards provide real-time snapshots of balances and exceptions, enabling users to see the overall positions across accounts and currencies and then drill down to individual transaction level. In built reporting can be delivered at a scheduled time (determined by the client) and at any subsequent point for distribution to individuals, groups or a data warehouse.

Combining Cash and Securities Reconciliations
TLM OnDemand can combine cash and securities into a single reconciliation, replacing the traditional approach of reconcilers managing one specific transaction type. All transaction data is delivered through the service’s WebConnect interface, enabling reconcilers to view position changes and payment flows on a single screen. Should an exception occur, it is raised as a single exception, rather than two, eliminating unnecessary manual effort to further reduce errors, risk and exposure.