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Industry Viewpoints

Aite Group

"On almost every call we have with our clients, the discussion centers on maximizing value from their application suite. In these difficult times, Software as a Service has great potential for firms that are looking to capture additional growth without drastically increasing their overall IT budget. The flexible cost structure and rapid deployment capability offered by SaaS solutions, like TLM OnDemand, provides small and mid-size firms with limited IT budget a viable path to solving critical problems."
Sang Lee, Managing Partner, Aite Group

Butler Group

"The SaaS model has a great deal to recommend it for all vertical markets, but within the Financial Services sector especially the ability to reduce costs alongside higher levels of risk management can provide even greater benefits. However, these benefits will only be realised if the offering provides the required levels of functionality and does not just work to the lowest common denominator. The idea of a SaaS model for Small and Medium sized institutions that's based on the functionality of a solution that's proven itself at the largest firms should be of interest."
Mike Thompson, BPM Practice Director, Butler Group


“Acceptance of Software as a Service (SaaS) by the financial services community is accelerating. SaaS benefits – especially the opportunity for reducing all-in application ownership costs – are increasingly attractive in this economic climate. The SaaS model has matured to the extent that financial institutions should be looking at SaaS as a real option whenever they evaluate application delivery choices.”
Ben Pring, Research Vice President, Gartner


"The financial sector is embracing SaaS as a delivery model to ensure it can deploy software in a more cost-effective and timelier manner. In a recent survey of European companies, we found that 65% of financial sector companies were using SaaS in more than two of their critical business areas, compared to 52% of all companies in the survey. In this challenging economic climate, a cost-effective SaaS deployment option should be welcomed; for many organisations, especially small to mid-sized institutions, they remove the barriers to greater automation."
David Bradshaw, Research Manager, IDC


"TowerGroup research indicates that small and mid-sized financial firms don't have the levels of automation in their reconciliation operations that conform to best practice. Software as a Service delivery gives that market the potential to lower the cost of access to automation."
Dayle Scher , Research Director, Investment Management Research Service, TowerGroup