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Markets Overview

SmartStream provides enterprise-wide Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) solutions to more than 1,000 customers from global financial services firms to corporates across a range of industries. TLM OnDemand offers firms an effective way to capture the benefits of SmartStream’s industry-leading reconciliation solution with low upfront investment and low ongoing cost - without compromising on the quality of reconciliation software.

TLM OnDemand is a secure, fully managed reconciliations service. SmartStream takes on the hardware purchase and hosting, the routine of software and database maintenance, costly data backup and archiving services, full business continuity, as well as all software upgrades and testing. Firms can focus on their business and serving their customers, not on running the reconciliation software. Implementation has been streamlined to minimise project start-up costs. TLM OnDemand has been engineered to bring lowest Total Cost of Ownership for reconciliation processing to any firm, anywhere.

With TLM OnDemand, there is no compromise in reconciliations software. It's the same solution relied on by 75 of the Top 100 banks for their global reconciliation and exception management processing.

Return on Investment (ROI) is clear - TLM OnDemand offers firms of all types:

  • The highest match rates and full automation of manual processing to improve productivity of reconcilers
  • Greater visibility into reconciliations in real time, giving managers improved operational control
  • Reduced operational risk by increasing frequency of reconciliations and by covering currently unreconciled processes
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership through the hosted and managed service, instant distribution through SmartStream’s TLM WebConnect browser anywhere in the world, and quick, efficient implementation
  • Low initial investment and the flexibility to adjust TLM OnDemand services to fit your business as needs change over time
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