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As banks of all sizes drive for operational improvements through greater automation, TLM OnDemand delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership, without compromising on the quality of the reconciliation process.

Existing legacy or proprietary systems prove less flexible and deliver lower performance; customer service suffers and the bank is exposed to greater operational risk from partly automated or infrequent reconciliation processing. The ongoing cost of running the reconciliation operation can be high relative to results.

TLM OnDemand significantly lowers the cost versus performance entry point for smaller and mid-sized banks, providing the benefits of the industry’s leading reconciliation solution with lower upfront investment and low ongoing cost. Banks achieve their automation goals with SmartStream’s market-leading reconciliation software, without the cost and resource implications of managing IT infrastructure in-house.

TLM OnDemand is the right reconciliation solution for many banks:

  • Firms that find their cash match rates less than 95%, and need to make their reconcilers to be more productive
  • Firms that need integrated exception management with automated case generation to efficiently track down breaks for better service to customers
  • Firms that are obliged to perform new reconciliations, mandated by regulatory, compliance or operational risk reduction initiatives, and seek a quick, cost-effective solution

TLM OnDemand moves the bank operation from reactive to proactive, concentrating on the transactions that represent the highest risk, while covering the full range of reconciliations needed by banks.