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What is TLM OnDemand?

TLM OnDemand offers the market-leading functionality of SmartStream’s TLM solutions through secure, resilient, cost-effective and fully managed web-based services.

The underlying software is the same as that being used by many of the world’s largest financial institutions to deliver unparalleled risk and cost control. For Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Banks and corporates, TLM OnDemand reduces the operational cost and risk associated with manual or semi-automated processes without compromising the quality of the tools used.

TLM OnDemand delivers more efficient and effective operations, without the upfront cost and resource implications of managing hardware, infrastructure and upgrades in house. The service takes on hardware purchase and hosting, software and database maintenance, data backup and archiving services, full business continuity, as well as all software upgrades and testing.

What is TLM OnDemand? SmartStream Technologies Software as a Service (SaaS) offering

Secure hosting and operational reliability are hallmarks of the TLM OnDemand service. The TLM OnDemand hosting environment complies with the highest standards, including ISO 27001 for Information Security Management. Operational reliability is assured through SmartStream’s performance at the most demanding enterprise customers.

An accelerated on-boarding process enables firms to rapidly benefit from TLM’s automated matching and integrated exception management capabilities. Further, the service can be scaled up and down to rapidly respond to changing business requirements.

For its reconciliations services, TLM OnDemand leverages SWIFT messages for cash and securities statements. SmartStream is a long-standing SWIFT Partner, awarded its first SWIFTReady award 11 years ago, when the SWIFTReady label programme was first created, and in 2008 was awarded four SWIFTReady labels across its product line. The TLM solution powering TLM OnDemand has been certified by SWIFT for technical readiness, product functionality and customer satisfaction.

With TLM OnDemand, organisations gain a lower total cost of ownership for their operations, while at the same time improving risk control throughout the transaction lifecycle.